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Amos the Worker Bee

Amos the Worker Bee

Monday, March 06, 2017 Adrian Wood Comments (3)

Nearly everything Amos has accomplished comes from tremendous time and effort and mostly, his own perseverance. Of course, those along the sidelines cheer him along, but I wonder if we help or if he is largely helping himself. Truthfully, progress has come more quickly since he started school. Whole days built and structured for his learning whereas a day with Mama means just that, tagging along while I accomplish bits and pieces. Amos deserves more than bits and pieces and he needs more too.

His development, perhaps characteristic of children with special needs, does not come naturally. My other children picked things up without my careful instruction, they chattered and quizzed me and I did my best to answer and sometimes I ignored them, but not in a guilty sort of way. Amos doesn't go with the flow. No, he swims upstream and it is as admirable a struggle as I have witnessed. He works, he tries, he fails and he begins again, every day. For weeks and months, he diligently and intently works on goals that before him, I never knew required much of any exerted effort.

I remember the first time his hand came up to wave bye bye. Every single day for months I would model it and nothing, every day nothing. One day his brain told his arm to move and it happened. Tonight we sat together, having dinner, and he spent nearly twenty minutes attempting to master his fork. Finally, he stabbed that old Salisbury steak and put it right in his mouth. I cheered and Amos? Well, he was the very image of pride and joy. Good job, my boy and thank you for teaching me that crossing the finish line is even lovelier when you slow down.

Anonymous commented on 11-Mar-2017 08:13 PM
Yah for the Salisbury steak! So good I bet.
Newsletter Signup commented on 11-Mar-2017 10:35 PM
Yay Amos!!! Terrific little peanut!!!!! You are an inspiration and I hope to meet you someday!!! Good job, well earned.
Dana commented on 12-Mar-2017 09:12 AM
I am a mother, a southerner and a special education teacher. You and Amos inspire me ! Your southern story telling style helps me think of my students in new ways.

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