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Faces of Medicaid in North Carolina

Faces of Medicaid in North Carolina

Sunday, July 02, 2017 Adrian Wood Comments (0)

This is the tale of one hundred children who depend on Medicaid in one way or another, whether as primary or secondary insurance or to subsidize school based therapies (speech, occupational, and physical therapies.) Read their stories.


8 months old, only child so far, Turner syndrome, Medicaid (therapies and specialists), very strong girl. Evelyn.


Age 1, developmental delay, Medicaid (nursing, respite, therapy), expresses tremendous love for his family. Chapel Hill, NC. Miles.


Age 1, little sister, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, CAP-C (heart transplant), amazing fighter. Garner, NC. Naomi.


Age 1, second child, Mowat Wilson syndrome, CAP-C (40 hours of nursing per week), he is a fighter. Charlotte, NC. Nolan.


Age 2, cerebral palsy and autism, CAP-C (therapies and equipment), lights up a room. Lenoir, NC. Sterling.


Age 2, youngest of two, congenital bilateral Perisylvian syndrome, CAP-C (nursing, therapy, equipment, medical supplies), tenacity for life. Lexington, NC. Caitlin.


Age 2, only child, Down syndrome & heart defect, Medicaid (therapies), incredibly contagious joy. Javier.


Age 2, youngest of two, developmental delay, Medicaid (therapy), future class clown. Mocksville, NC. Lucas.


Age 2, rare L1 CAM syndrome, CAP-C (therapies, surgeries, equipment), a real fighter. Salisbury, NC. Noah.


Age 2, the youngest of three, medical and intellectual disability, CAP-C (adaptive equipment, nursing), incredibly funny and kind. Randolph County, NC. Holden.


Age 2, twin and big sister, cerebral palsy, school therapies. Eva has a playful personality. Greensboro, NC. Eva.


Age 3, youngest of two, deletion in Chromosome 1, Medicaid (therapies), strongest soul you'll ever meet. Charlotte. NC. Webb.


Age 3, a twin, special needs, CAP-C (nursing, diapers, therapies), she is persistent and joyful. Charlotte, NC. Emma.


Age 3, youngest of two, cerebral palsy, CAP-C (therapies), talkative with the best imagination. Winston Salem, NC. Vivi.


Age 3, youngest of four, autism and unnamed genetic disorder, school therapy services, an absolute gem. Edenton, NC. Amos.


Age 3, big brother to a sister, global developmental delay and vision/hearing impairments, gtube, nonmobile, CAP-C (nursing as no access to child care, cochlear implant), his smile lights up the room! Hillsborough, NC. Jake.


Age 3, middle of three girls, Down syndrome and heart defect, homebound school services, wonderful sister. Eastern NC. Madi.


Age 3, younger brother, genetic disorder and autism, Medicaid waiver (therapies & equipment), Clark is very affectionate and a mini foodie. Durham, NC. Clark.


Age 4, oldest of two, spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, CAP-C (services, equipment), adores being in a circle of people. Asheville, NC. Luci.


Age 4, youngest of two, undiagnosed genetic disorder, CAP-C (therapies, equipment), adores fireworks and swimming. Knightdale, NC. Eli.


Age 4, only child, Trisomy 9 mosaic/partial, CAP-C (therapies), rules his classroom with a smile. Greensboro, NC. Emilio.


Age 4, younger brother, developmental delay, Pre-k & speech, incredibly happy and energetic. Asher.


Age 4, youngest of four, autism, school based therapy, a true delight. Raleigh, NC. Jax


Age 5, autism and developmental delay, Medicaid (therapies), an awesome boy. Emerson.


Age 5, only child, epilepsy and Neuro-degeneration of brain, CAP-C ( therapists, supplies, equipment), has the sweetest smile. Taylorsville, NC. Sophie.


Age 5, middle of three, terminal Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia, CAP-C (nursing, respite, therapies), she meets adversity with grace. Greensboro, NC. Moira.


Age 5, twin sister, short bowel syndrome and cerebral palsy, CAP-C (nursing, respite care), incredibly compassionate. Clemons, NC. Lydia.


Age 5, big sister, Down syndrome, numerous school based therapies covered by Medicaid, lover of all things related to music. Ellie.


Age 5, older brother to twin brothers, school therapy services (speech and OT), amazing capacity for growth. James.


Age 6, heart defect, liver disease, autism, school services, lover of life. Eastern NC. Claire.


Age 6, one of four children, rare genetic seizure disorder, CAP-C (20 hours nursing per week plus respite), the heart of a family. Raleigh, NC. James.


Age 6, oldest of three, Down syndrome, Medicaid school services, ability to notice the feelings of others. Winston Salem, NC. James.


Age 6, oldest of two, cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Medicaid (weekly therapy and surgeries), amazing prayer warrior. Salisbury, NC. Jeremiah.


Age 6, two rare chromosome disorders (16p12.2 Microdeletion Syndrome and 3q13.33 Duplication ), CAP-C (therapies, nursing), amazing girl. Sophia.


Age 6, only child, cerebral palsy, severe intellectual disability, CAP-C (nursing, therapies, equipment), gives the best hugs! Garner, NC. Grayson.


Age 6, has a little sister, Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome, CAP-C (nursing, therapy, equipment), incredibly empathetic. Gastonia, NC. Skylar.


Age 6, big brother, special needs, school services, powerful memory. Raleigh, NC. Braxton.


Age 6, sister to Mason, epilepsy and developmental delay, CAP-C (therapy and nursing), a little pistol who loves to laugh. Ella.


Younger adopted autistic sister of Tristen. Receives speech and ot. Loves music and is hyperlexic . Tarboro, NC. Michelle.


Age 7, intractable epilepsy and autism, CAP-C (nursing, diapers, therapy), always happy and loves water. Eagle Springs, NC. Leland.


Age 7, oldest of two, developmental delay, CAP-C (nursing, therapies, surgeries, equipment), amazing smile! Stanley, NC. Eli.


Age 7, only child, autism, school services, has never met a stranger. Raleigh native. Fraser.


Age 7, youngest of four, Down syndrome, adopted from Bulgaria, Medicaid, he's a fighter. Raleigh, NC. Oliver.


Age 7, number 5 of all boys, CHARGE syndrome, CAP-C (nursing, supplies), fantastic brother. Apex, NC. Chance.


Age 7, younger sister, brain abnormality, Medicaid (nursing, therapies, equipment), loves to be outside and hopes to walk independently someday. Charlotte.


Age 7, one of four, special needs. Innovations Waiver waitlist (Medicaid), one man show and always in costume. Statesville, NC. Nolan.


Age 7, second grader, oldest of three, Spina Bifida, school services, plays adaptive sports. Gabe.


Age 8, only child, third grader, deaf & ADHD, academic support services, hard worker. Raleigh, NC. Riley.


Age 8, big sister to two, Rhett Syndrome, CAP/C (nursing), enchanting giggle. Cornelius, NC. Sophia.


Age 8, big sister, Down syndrome, school services, amazing joy. Rocky Mount, NC. Bella.


Age 8, youngest of three, autism, school services, has a wonderful sense of humor. Ethan.


Age 8 today! A twin and big brother, 22q deletion, CAP-C (gtube and therapies), happy go lucky. Mack.

Anna Beth

Age 9, oldest of four, non-verbal, CAP-C (therapy & diapers) incredibly social. Kannapolis, NC. Anna Beth.


Age 9, one of two children, Medicaid (gtube & therapies), Davis hopes to be a doctor. Leicester, NC. Davis.


Age 9, younger twin sisters (age 8), kidney disease and deaf, CAP-C, loyal and a cheerleader for his friends. Harrison.


Age 9, youngest of two, receives speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy while at school, and has the best sense of humor. Aiden.


Age 10, older brother, Asperger's & ADHD, therapy services, adores technology. Charlotte, NC. Logan.


Age 10, oldest of three, autism and ADHD, school services, loves all things music. Charlie.


Age 10. Oldest of two, developmental delay and medical issues, CAP-C (nursing, therapies, equipment), amazing sense of humor. Raleigh, NC. Raegan.


Age 10, younger of two, mitochondrial disease and autism, Medicaid (feeding tube requires nursing), incredibly brave, kind and spoke after 6 years. Chapel Hill, NC. Ella


Age 10, big brother to foster sister, Trisomy 13 & Cri du Chat syndrome, Medicaid (18 hours of daily nursing), determined spirit. PJ.


Age 11, a twin, special needs, CAP-C (nursing and therapies), loves museums. Matthews, NC. Jacob.


Age 11, youngest of two, developmental delay, CAP-C (diapers, nursing, respite), delightful girl. Carli.


Age 11, one of six, complex medical needs, Medicaid (wheelchairs, nursing, therapies), determined to live life to fullest. Burlington, NC. Lauren.


Age 11, little brother, hip dysphasia, epilepsy, lots of therapy, incredibly bright. George.


Age 11, oldest of two, arthrogyposis and gastroschisis, Medicaid (no longer), adores electronics. Edenton, NC. Reagan.


Age 11, oldest of three, Lennox Gastaut syndrome, Medicaid (nursing, therapies, equipment), he gives the best hugs. High Point, NC. Connor.


Age 12, a twin, cerebral palsy, school services, adores Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres as hopes to be a late night show host! Patrick.


Age 12, younger sister, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Health Choice of Medicaid, artsy crafty. Leslie.


Age 13, oldest of three, school services, incredibly kind and an awesome runner. Taylor.


Age 13, middle child, Asperger's and ADHD, school services adores trains and legos. Ryan.


Age 13, oldest of three, school services, compassionate and an awesome runner. Taylor.


Age 13, oldest of three, autism, special school for kids with learning differences, has turned his verbal tics into beat boxing skills! Kaden.


Age 13, youngest of four, Gtube, CAP-C, adores the military and honorary staff sergeant. Keenan.


Age 14, one of two children, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Medicaid (therapies), Carolina is very good at making friends. Leicester, NC. Carolina.


Age 14, big brother, non verbal autism, school services, awesome human beatbox. Wake Forest, NC. Trevor.


Age 14, only child, developmental delay, CAP-C, adores all things elevator related. Raleigh, NC. Andy.


Age 14, only child, mitochondrial disorder, Innovations Waiver (Medicaid), has a smile that will rock your world. Charlotte, NC. Alex.


Age 14, oldest of two, CAP-C, incredibly joyful. Jacob.


Age 15, youngest of five, severe neurological disorder, Innovations Waiver, has repeatedly placed first on National French Exam. Lexi.


Age 15, big brother, cerebral palsy and autism, Medicaid, advocate for special needs kids. Wilmington, NC. Harley.


Age 15, younger brother, autism, school services through Medicaid, memory is sharp as a tack. Advance, NC. Spencer.


Age 15, global delays as a toddler, no longer considered special needs, artist with a huge heart. Rachel.


Age 15, has older brother, genetic syndrome called Dup15q, school services, sweet and easy going. Charlotte, NC. Jax.


Age 16, Dravet syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, Medicaid (resides in adolescent residential care facility), funny and courageous. Brevard, NC. Jackie.


Age 16, younger brother, autism, developmental delay and seizure disorder, school services, loves balloons and playing ball. Davie County, NC. Davis.


Age 18, only child, adopted from foster care at age 5 (qualifies for Medicaid until age 18), delays, tenacious with a heart of gold. Catherine.


Age 18, younger brother, CAP-C, belly laugh. Cary, NC. Woody.


Age 23, younger brother, autism, seizure and bone disorders, CAP-C (pays for Godsend, Delores), infectious laugh. Thompson.


Age 27, middle child, CAP-C, she loves people. Caroline.


Age 28, youngest of 4 children, special needs, volunteer coach and smile lights up the room. James.


Age 42, oldest of three, received school services and now receives Disability, hard worker and trail blazer for autism. Brett.


Age 44, cerebral palsy, Innovations Waiver, NC Medicaid, amazing self-advocate. Jonathon.

Caleb & Ryder

Ages 8 and 5, two oldest of three, fragile X syndrome, school services, they love big and make each other happy. Charlotte, NC. Caleb and Ryder.

Jack & Luke

Age 10 and 8, brothers, epilepsy microcephaly, gtube, nonmobile, CAP-C (home care, nursing, equipment), may be nonverbal, but show a lot of love. Durham, NC. Jack and Luke.


Youngest of three girls, cerebral palsy and seizure disorder, the essence of pure love. Life on earth ended at age 13, 2011. Morgan.

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