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Five Reasons Why Root Canals are Wonderful

Five Reasons Why Root Canals are Wonderful

Tuesday, March 01, 2016 Adrian Wood Comments (0)

Seriously. I am trying to remind myself to look for the good in all things and what better challenge than the dreaded root canal. In my case, two at one time.

1. I had lots of alone time in the car this week. Two travel days without any of my sidekicks enabled me to talk on the phone, think, and listen to music that doesn't make one want to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Also, the second day, I had a great uninterrupted visit with my chauffeur friend, lunch at Central Cafe in Rocky Mount, both unusual treats.

2. I had a babysitter or babysitters more than we can afford and without the guilt. Clearly I had no choice to leave Amos and to venture out of town for a bit of shopping and dentistry. I felt justified in working in a TJ Maxx visit, may as well try out my credit card for a trial run before the following day's root canals.

3. I was given two yummy Xanax. Holy cow. I was first disappointed that I was not given real pain medicine before the procedure that I remembered as terrible. Certainly I needed Valium to lessen the shock that had virtually electrocuted the nerves in my mouth during the last root canal. I was wrong though, Xanax is very relaxing and reminded me that I am not as laid back as I like to think.

4. I have a credit card with a high limit and think of all the flight miles I got in a mere two hours. Almost $3,000 for modern torture. No wonder my lovely periodontist allows me to call her cell phone number. Lovely even if she did ask why Amos had on fake glasses in the photo I shared.

5. I have access to dentistry. In all seriousness, after seeing the movies Room and Castaway, I have an understanding of real misery. I am thankful to pay thousands of dollars for painful tooth procedures. Who needs a Louis Vuitton bag anyways? Mine from Chinatown is perfect.

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