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Ten Reasons I Must Start Exercising Again

Ten Reasons I Must Start Exercising Again

Wednesday, March 08, 2017 Adrian Wood Comments (1)

1. I am sick and tired of my daughter asking me if I'm having another baby. 

Particularly in front of people at church.

2. Warm weather is coming.
I can't hide in my maternityesque shirts much longer.

3. Living in a lovely town on the water means that, before too long, we shall be living in a giant terrarium.
One may very well collapse if still wearing forgiving spandex jeans.

4. I am unhealthy.
Seriously, I quit smoking well over a year ago and the least I can do is love my own heart a bit.

5. I have plenty of time. Now, I don't make time, but I can.
Right now, I'm writing about exercise at 5:53am and I could be out huffing and puffing.

6. This is my last chance to look good thinnish.
Seriously, I am 41 and you know after forty when people get skeletal they just look old. Thankfully, thin is not in my plan.

7. I really like to walk.
I do, I just have to do it to remind myself.

8. I'm thinking about it every day.
The thought plagues and haunts me and that is annoying in itself.

9. I refuse to become the person whose kids are in school that says, "it's really not much that time."
Ummm, no. It is a ton of time.

10. My mother looks better in a bathing suit than me.
Now, she always has, but I can't let the gap widen too far.

Jackie commented on 12-Mar-2017 08:26 PM
The biggest reason is health. You want to be around for your beautiful children for as long as you can. I am 56 and started this parenthood journey late in life. I have an 11, 12 and 14 year old. I am restarting WW online today to get rid of the extra weight that keeps me from being healthier. I set the alarm for 5 am to get to the gym but my 11 year old daughter kept waking us up saying she didn't feel well. She never does this. Terra Nova test anxiety? Allergies? Constipation because she doesn't drink enough water and has this problem occasionally? I shut the alarm off and got up at my regular 6 am time. Now everyone is off to work and school. I emailed her teacher about Libby and so far she is doing well. I walked the dogs. I am in my gym outfit and hopefully I will have the energy to get some exercise now. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, 15-20 lbs but the reality of age makes it more important and harder than ever. I ran the Paris marathon 5 years ago for heaven's sake and I don't want to trot around the track. I saw an older Japanese man shuffle running yesterday and he inspired me. I have to keep that vision in my head. I quit smoking over 20 years ago and worry about every puff (believe me there were many). Having children makes you realize that you want to be around for as long as possible. I am going to try journaling to help me and keep me accountable. You can do this!!! for yourself, for your health, for your children. Get your yoga pants on and go for a walk. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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