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The Advice That Makes People Hate You

The Advice That Makes People Hate You

Saturday, September 03, 2016 Adrian Wood Comments (3)


1. I start dinner first thing in the morning.
This is a phenomena that puzzles me. I just can't make the lunches, schlep the breakfast and start dinner. These people should be given their own sidewalk squares.
2. I make their lunches at night.
I try this, every school year, I try and then concede defeat. I'm just so tired that starting another meal after finishing dinner clean up.
3. I have my children make their own lunches.
This is even more offensive. No only am I lazy but I am empowering lazy children.
4. I have a chore chart.
Ugh. Just stop it already. A chore chart? I have alarms going off to remind me to pick up my children at school in the afternoons. Being committed to a chore chart feels like a new career path.
5. I make sure to give them each one on one time every week.
How? How is this possible? I know that there are 168 hours in the week, at least I think, but my free time amounts to about 3.
6. I exercise early in the morning.
Help me. Exercise before the onslaught of the daily preparation that looms in my mind? I just can not do anything else but drink instant coffee and check my newsfeed.
7. I have my children help me at the grocery store.
I would like to hire your children. I could use some examples for my motley crew who fight, sneak things in the cart, run over other shoppers with mini-carts, and could not be any more less helpful.
8. I brush my children's teeth.
This takes the cake. I do manage sunscreen smearing on four wriggly people each day throughout the summer but then to chase them with toothbrushes and toothpaste that people act like is flaming arsenic?
9. I read with them individually each night.
In my defense, I did use to do this, when I had one child. Over the years, reading books has fallen to the wayside and I deem it a very special treat. My own mini research study to see if my children can be successful without a mother that follows a beneficial routine in the saving of her own sanity.
10. I don't let them use electronics during the week.
I just don't understand how anyone succeeds at this unless they were to burn them up in a celebratory bonfire. Seriously, I hide remotes, disconnect cable, send iPads away and still, they manage to defeat me, just like the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.
Just smile and give me a high five when I claim some small success and please don't make kind suggestions. Just let me be me.


Leslie commented on 03-Sep-2016 05:14 PM
This is HI-larious!! I just blew through at least 8 of your posts...you are an amazing writer!
Lyn commented on 03-Sep-2016 08:09 PM
Keep this up and I'll be in the DEPENDS aisle.
N.batt commented on 21-Sep-2016 10:59 PM
I was introduced to your blog by a friend that used to work with me at your uncle's office, she had came by to visit & was talking about how much she enjoyed your blog as well as the photos. Soo, the first thing I did once home was look you up since I was familiar with you & your family. I always said y'all looked like the picture perfect version of a "Land's End" catalog. I was pleasantly surprised to see that both you & your mom share the ability to put thoughts & emotions to paper. You made me laugh, you made me cry, but most importantly you made me think about things a little more in depth! Please keep sharing your stories as they do touch people in different ways. Way to go!! I look forward to continuing to read any new posts & seeing your new pictures. God bless you & yours.

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