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Dear Weather Person

Dear Weather Person

Saturday, January 07, 2017 Adrian Wood Comments (1)

Waking up this morning to a sleety mess, I got my coffee and flipped on the tv as I wondered what an apology from a weather person would sound like. Crickets. Not one word, not even an inkling of an admission of guilt. Now, because I wish you no ill-will, I'm going to let you in on a little secret that rules the lives of mothers everywhere. Quite simply, say you are sorry especially when it was actually was an accident, that is why the word sorry was invented.

I'll even forgive you for a meager offering of "I was wrong." Nope. Not only are you telling me that I should stay inside (hello), you also just said, "it's fun to get out there and play in the sleet." That is the biggest lie I have ever heard. Me busting my ass with four kids on the ice is not fun, funny perhaps, but not fun. The showing of pictures from Winston Salem, covered in the snow you promised Eastern NC, took the cake. And then, you asked for us to send our pictures. Oh my heavens.

I may hate you. I have $500 worth of food including a vat of beef stew, children bouncing off the walls from Walmart donuts that will not be burned off sledding, and 24 bananas (that's not your fault, but still annoys me.) My porch is covered with sleds and the icing on this no snow cake, is the inflatable igloo complete with slide that I bought yesterday. Poor igloo. Poor mothers everywhere. Put your big boy pants on and come clean and then, we may forgive you.

Mamie commented on 08-Jan-2017 03:36 PM
This was hilarious, at least from the standpoint of a person who is basking in 68 degree weather! I will not add insult to injury by quipping that by Florida standards, Miami temperatures call for Uggs and parkas! (I do think the Walmart donuts sound good though)! Love, Moi

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