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Lawsuit of the Nonverbal Child

Lawsuit of the Nonverbal Child

Friday, March 01, 2019 Adrian Wood Comments (0)

It’s the first one that’s been filed regarding the abuse that took place at Berkeley Heights Elementary in WVA. Truthfully, even though I’m married to an attorney, I’m not much into suing, especially for accidents or genuine unknowing.

This is not that case.

I have gotten to know Amber Pack and Kasey Murphy, whose children were subjected to the torture of three teachers- Lester, Yurish and Douty. How long had it gone on?

No one really knows.

After all, Amber had only placed the $20 recording device she ordered off Amazon in her daughter’s hair for one day.

That’s all it took. One day.

A day of abuse that no child, much less children with special needs who can’t speak, should endure.

The following day, the police and school principal (Amber Boeckman) were given the recording and it was shared with administrators like Manny Arvon, Karen Petrucci, and Michelle Tost.

If they had been horrified and removed the teachers, there would likely be no lawsuit.

No, those children were left there for twenty
eight more days of torture though after two years, they had grown used to it.

One was biting his siblings at home.
Another would kick and spit on his mother if she tried to hold him.
Another would start screaming when her school bus arrived at Berkeley Heights Elementary.

It wasn’t until the very brave and wise Amber Pack shared the recording on Facebook, that the school system pretended to be outraged.

The day after she shared the recording publicly, the assistants were placed on leave.

Why were they not placed on leave when she shared it privately with the folks whose primary job is to make sure children get an education?

I don’t know.
There’s a lot we don’t know.

But we do know that no one from the school system filed a case with Child Protective Services until November 14, 2018.

Not an email.
Not a call.

Manny Arvon, who was quoted in
an interview, said, “I was greatly disturbed when I learned of the recording in early October.”

This isn’t about forgiveness, it’s about justice and obeying the laws of not only West Virginia, but the United States of America.

Amber, I speak for many when I say thank you for being a special needs mama warrior.

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